On Fitness: Soundtrack for my Fake Fitness Class

Through the twists and turns of the blog, I’ve found various subjects and concepts I keep coming back to because they interest me  – be it relationships or self-worth or fitness.

And lately, fitness has returned to the forefront of my mind.

I’m glad to have been riding the work out bandwagon for most of 2012 and what has made the habit stick this time is – humorously – I’ve found the right level of entertainment to power me through.

For the $60 bucks a month I pay for my gym membership, it is slightly disappointing there aren’t those little TV’s strapped to the cardio machines. I can’t help myself – I need something to keep my brain interested.

So, first, I found an entertainment source in podcasts – aka Savage Love on repeat – to take me through my cardio or solo weight training sessions.

But, I still haven’t found a group fitness class’ music choices I felt jived completely with mine. You know, when a teacher or class picks a song you are just not that into? I’m pretty sure I ponder getting certified in group fitness just so I can make my own playlists to share.

Until that day, I’ll just play dress up.

Below are my current top five favorite “get pumped” jams and the best times to play them during your workout.

My  Top 5 Current Workout Jams

“Fade into Darkness” – Avicii

Great for warm-ups!

“Boyfriend Girlfriend Mashup” – Mashup Justin Bieber vs N’Sync

The most fun song I’ve recently come across. Use it for a dance segment or to start a work out on a perky note.

“Levels Remix”  – Avicii ft Skrillex

Ideal for powering you over the hump of a workout – when you are struggling, getting bored or losing energy.

“Memories to Blow” – Mashup of my favorite song by Kid Cudi and David Guetta and Drake lyrics

My favorite song on the list – perfect for the final sprint or intense peak or climax.

“Longest Road” – Morgan Page ft Lissie

I love this for a cool down. I’ve only known the Deadmau5 remix of this song until recently and I think I may prefer the original. I also saw him DJ during a Vegas pool party and he was fantastic

In other news – last weekend in Canada, I walked into a Forever 21 with the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard. I asked all the sales people and  manager where the mix was from. Apparently the Forever hires this dj to make an in-store playlist of mashups. I contacted the dj and he’s asking me $60 for a downloadable 3-hour mix. While this is obviously more than any GirlTalk mix, it’s probably comprable to going to a concert, only I’d get to keep the music. It sounds a bit expensive but it’s this dude’s livelihood so I’m not sure what to ask next. Do think I should try to haggle it down?

Music fiends, let me know: Any new jams to add to my playlists? 


Don’t Blog Like I Blog

Blogger No-Nos I Do Anyway/ Breaking the Blogging Rules/ How To Be a Bad Blogger: 

1) Take photos with Blackberry camera
I wouldn’t exactly call them artsy. But maybe it’s an art I have to learn..That’s why there’s editing software!

Bish, what you eating?! 

2) Avoid any mention of Healthy Living
Remember when I made up healthy recipes and worked out? Me either. I mean…barely. It would appear, however, that my blog details quite the adventurous party and love life. There’s gotta be a compromise in there somewhere.

3) Post irregularly 
We’re talking 4 times a month, random dates and time – sorry for the mindfuck, folks.

4) Poor commenting
I promise I’ve been reading your blog! Actually I’ve been following and getting immersed in tonsss lately but I’ve been the worst at showing the love. Let’s get that out of the way now: You are too funny! That meal looks delicious! I’m sorry about the injury.

5) Stop telling stories
Resort to lists.

Sigh. The truth can really sting. And while I’d like to say #sorryimnotsorry I’ve been busy living life, the fact is that I do want to put my best blogging foot forward. I need to amp up the blog juices these days. Is there a fluid to aid in this? 5-Hour Energy? Kombucha?

New Goals, Mel. Be a better blogger. Be a better healthy liver. Figure life out.

I’ll be back to expound further on what’s been going on for me to make these realizations. Or at least I think I will?

Seriously, what are your hints for blogging at your best? 

Getting Yo’ Veggies Series v1

Over the weekend, I had a discussion with some friends about vegetables. It was your everyday, ordinary Saturday night pregame: laying on the floor, pouring wine, listening to Top Hits Pandora and discussing how and why we get our veggies.

It’s a common fact that most of the population doesn’t eat their daily recommended dose of greens and my friends sounded similar sentiments. People find a lot of barriers to eating vegetables.  They don’t like the taste. No one else around buys them. They don’t know how to cook em. They only like a select few. Etc.

So I decided to turn to my family and ask my individual family members how each of them finds ways to  incorporate vegetables in their daily life, hoping to compile a list of tips that could appeal to all sorts of different people with different taste buds and different schedules.

Well after I got a Facebook response  from my brother, I knew his POV deserved it’s own post. My brother, Josh, is a junior at the University of Iowa and nicknamed “Greens” by his buddies for his frequent wearing and eating of all things green. Not bad for an (almost!) 21-year-old boy.

How To Incorporate Veggies Into Your Daily Life

Option #1: Eat like this guy…

copy & pasted from our facebook message thread

Josh K: I rarely eat a meal without a green vegetable.

At least one of my meals a day (sometimes 2-3 ha) involves pasta, so I always have some green veggies ready to saute and toss in with the sauce and cheese

Jen [girlfriend] makes fun of me when we go grocery shopping because like most normal people, she buys all of her produce/food based on the meals she will make that week. I on the other hand buy assorted veggies, peppers/onions/tomatos/mushrooms/spinach/zucchini etc along with bread, tortillas, cheese, dairy etc. Jen makes fun of me b/c she calls me an ‘ingredient shopper’, but I like it this way. (Ed note: I’m the same way!) Whenever im bored or hungry, I cut up the veggies and toss them in tupperware. This way, in the morning when I make an omelet or dinner when I make a pasta dish or lunch for a sandwich or something I can just toss in the veggies. No real effort to go out of the way to eat em, there just always there.

Yes I am weird.

*oOo and green is jus my favorite color soooo i jus gravitate towards green foods naturally duh

and yes i take pictures of my food

Me: Thanks Josh! But WHY do you choose to eat them?

Josh K: Cause they taste GREAT. They add texture, color and flavor to my favorite foods….Um. I guess I don’t think about it much. Most food is junk and processed these days, so its nice to mix in something that is REAL and FRESH and natural.


And that, my friends, is how Josh sees it.

Break Away Tips:

– Buy a wide selection of vegetables to have on hand

– Try to add at least one to every meal

– Cut up veggies in advance to store in the fridge

– Ignore other college aged male’s reactions

Next post: my mom, my sister, and my step-dad’s take

Did you eat your veggies in college?