That Time You Cried at the Eye Doctors’ (On Questioning “Tough Love”)

As a woman, it is engraved in me by my environment (I’m looking at you, media) that I am an emotional being.

I’m told that my instincts or reactions shouldn’t be trusted because I will react in an emotional, and therefore irrational, way.

So why is it that many people – from strangers to family – feel compelled to push certain emotions onto me? Why do they feel preying on my emotions is the quickest way to get what they want?

I think that is the point of “tough love,” right? The initiator intends on creating an emotional response out of the other person. Whether the point is to provoke fear or guilt or sadness or reality, the threats or tones are used to extract a certain feeling.

But, you know, the thing I’ve noticed about trying to elicit an emotional response from someone is that you have no control of what emotion that person will extract. What if you just wind making them angry…or numb?

I will admit, I rarely need help feeling. Emotions protrude out of me.  So when someone tries to inject an emotion into me, I think it can backfire.

In reality, what I need most from people who are trying to show me some “tough love” is facts. I want to know why they are worried or why I should be scared. I think in terms of mental maps and cause and effect plays a big part into that. Naturally, I respond best when my mother tells me the specifics of why she feels taken advantage of because I learn how to prevent it in the future.

So today, when my eye doctor wanted me to know my situation was dire and that I needed to take his advice very seriously, I wasn’t prepared to respond to a firm talking-to. The doctor wanted to alleviate me of my poor use of contacts and teach myself to be more careful, lest I wind up with severe cornea damage in only a few short years. “Your eyes are priceless, right?” he asked me. But a stranger offering me “Daddy’s tough love” (his words) only made angry. The more he spoke, the more defensive I felt of all the factors leading up to the situation. I got that things were bad. I knew I had been doing something wrong. That why I was there!

In this case, I think I wanted a doctor. I wanted someone to tell me the facts of how everything led up to where they were. I wanted a game plan of how to remedy my poor infected eyes and how we could proactively prevent this from happening again.  I wanted to feel comfortable coming back to a team treating me like a patient, rather than a scared teenager afraid of being yelled at. Additionally, I wonder if I would have guilt-tripped myself worse than any stranger could have provoked out of me?

The whole thing has me thinking about how there seems to be no formula on the proper way to treat a patient. On the one hand, I think several people do need an emotional wake-up call or intervention. I hear this much about people recovering with eating disorders. On the other hand, I can’t help but think of the obsese patients at the physician’s office who probably know what they’re doing to their body is wrong, but are looking for how to stop and how to know when they’re doing something right.

So what do you think? Am I being a baby or responding out of embarrassment? Should I take someone’s general concern and try to listen and not react? Is it just that doctors are too overloaded to begin with? Or was this doctor wrong to assume an emotional role to get his point across?

Ps. By the way, I kind of think that a man who told me that my eyes naturally water because they are dry shouldn’t expect anything but tears.


Lessons Learned from Blogging Fails

Now that Mmm Stories has celebrated its (undeserved yet uncelebrated) one-year anniversary, I felt it was time to step in from my hiatus and act like a good blogger mama and show some love to my baby.

Whether this post is my last forever or my first in a new stream, I’d like my little blog to have some closure on this whirlwind of a year. Because while it hasn’t been heavily documented, it has been one of great self-actualization.

And that includes figuring out why my first year was..well..

kind of a Fail.

So please people: If you’re looking to start a blog – or are wondering why you can’t keep on track – here’s some things to note.

Lessons Learned from Blogging Fails

1. If you’re going to try to fit into a genre, actually dedicate yourself to it.

If you’re trying to show the world that you know what it means to balance life while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle – make sure that you are committed and truly interested in those actions.

I learned pretty quickly that it’s hard to talk about tough workouts, strength gains and weight loss if I’m not really getting in any great gym sessions. And I’m not going to show people how to make a tasty dessert or a healthy snack for a party – if I’m not really into writing down recipes.

So if you have a topic you’d like to focus on: make sure you’re sticking with it in day-to-day life.

2. Sometimes you may not need an outlet.

When I first started reading healthy living blogs, I was afraid to talk about weight loss or exercise or eating right with my friends in real life. Discovering other blogs was like magically finding the missing community I’d been searching for. 

But fortunately, since following my first blogs in July 2010, I have begun talking about all things fit and healthy with my real life friends. We are honest and upfront with our struggles and we cheer each other on with our accomplishments. Having work out and healthy eating partners has meant I have needed to reach out less online.

3a. Make sure you like pictures – editing them or being in them.

It’s going to be hard to document your life if you think every picture of yourself is terrifying.

Even if they are.

3b. It’s going to be hard to star in photos and text about your life – if you don’t really like who you are.

This is really the most important lessons I’ve learned about blogging!

If you’re too uncomfortable with the way you look to take a picture of yourself, but also too afraid of admitting that you’re unhappy with the way you look…you’re going to run out of things to blog about.

There is no hiding your unhappiness when it comes to sharing it all on a blog. So either document your struggles or wait until you’re happier. Authenticity is key because in the end, you’re the star of the show.

Fortunately 12.1 months have taught me a great deal and many ways to overcome previous obstacles. It’s just another one of those examples of when you let go of trying to be a certain way, things start to fall right into place.

I look forward to seeing ya’ll around.

Discovering Grown-Up Relationships

I haven’t blogged about my love life – or any part of my life – in a long time and I think part of the reason is the lack of stability or consistency I’ve felt lately. It seems 23 will be a year of shifts and changes, something I’ve heard many times about being in your 20’s and really discovering who you are.

But there’s a great lesson I’ve learned since I first began mentioning relationships on the blog and it is perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments I’ve felt. Better than anything food or fitness has ever taught me.

What you need to know, is that I used to have a deep-seeded need to WIN in relationships. That meant I withheld showing feelings or affection until my partner took the reins first.  I thought by not openly showing my partner that I cared, I stayed in control and kept myself from showing hurt (ie: weakness). I used to say I was forced to act this way because I was perpetually attracted to men who were afraid of commitment or who were such players that they didn’t show they cared. But really, it was my own mentality that doomed me to failure.

Because before, I thought the only way to feel special was to be the girl who could put up with (sh)it. Who toughed out rough situations and played the “game” better and stronger than many men. I could handle day long gaps of communication because I busied myself up instead. And I could handle pangs of jealousy and lack of commitment because I just tried to mirror the issue. I believed this was worth it because I was occasionally rewarded with a few personal, meaningful moments of affection.

And I thought this was a good thing – I thought I was different from other girls because I could put my own needs aside and be cool. I thought other girls were crazy for being so nit-picky. I thought I was awesome for “winning the game.”

Really, I got hurt a lot because I never spoke up and implied anything was wrong.

I attribute the significance of LA Boy in my life to the fact that when he came in my life, for the first time I could love the way I wanted to love. I could give love without fear and speak my mind without analysis. His own honesty and realness inspired me to get out of the game and make an effort!

And it worked!

I stopped feeling insecure and nervous and started feeling special. In return, he felt special that I shared myself with him. We grew close in a shorter time span than it’s ever taken me to get to know someone. I stopped daydreaming because the reality was wonderful.

The greatest lesson I learned from my relationship with LA Boy was that relationships are about being yourself and opening up about your thoughts, feelings and problems. 

I almost feel silly how long it’s taken me to realize that no girl can ever be the cool girlfriend forever. I was compromising part of my sanity in order to achieve such status before.

As I approach further relationships, it is my belief now that relationships happen when two people give. It will not happen when two people withhold.

Moreover, I don’t want to wait for months of the game anymore to figure out if I am with the right person! I’ve made it my goal to put myself out there about my intentions and goals and thoughts. I’m letting a partner and I make honest and realistic decisions about where we could be headed. I’m attempting to own my faults instead of placing the blame on the men – who really only assumed our relationships were fine because I never spoke up.

This challenge is hard on my heart in it’s own way.

The most interesting consequence this change has meant for me is that it makes commitment scarier than before. When I was in these serious, but uncommunicative relationships, commitment felt right because I didn’t have time to think about playing the game with 2 guys at once. Commitment was the ultimate sign that I’d “won!” Oh but now…but now, commitment is scarier than ever! Because if I’m committing myself to someone I’ve learned about and expressed myself to that means shit is real. It means I’m on the adult relationship trajectory. Combining Lives. Thinking about marriage. Etc.


But so so exciting!

My lesson is on the power of letting go of the game. It can only take you so far. You can only really “win” once you realize that winning a relationship only means losing a meaningful one.

And..if you want the real juicy part.. there is someone else who made me realize just how life changing this outlook will be…

The Unhealthiest Habit…Owned

When I wrote my How to be Bad at Blogging post, I was very aware of what brought me to my blogging lapses. It’s actually one of the things about myself I am most aware. But it seemed too…taboo   crazy   honest talk about.

‘Cuz the thing is – I have a huge lag between knowing the right thing to do and actually doing the right thing.

I seem to have perpetual procrastination. I think I feel comfort in not having something done.

Finishing is scary. Because what’s next?


And it kills me.


Yes, there is always waiting in incompletion. But it’s all resting on my shoulders, not free-falling into the universe, waiting for someone else to decide whether to accept or reject my project, blog, comment, picture, idea, etc etc. Sometimes it’s easier for me to put off knowing whether my completion will mean success or failure.

Because waiting to do is sometimes easier than waiting to fail.


This is one of my unhealthiest habits and it eats up every part of my life.

working out.
applying for jobs.
waking up.
responding to emails.
commenting on blogs.
dealing with relationships.

I actually know this about myself.


But the worst part? I know that most of you might read this and think “How could you be like that?!”

Most of you are planners by nature.
Most of you like being in control.
Most of you feel a sense of release and happiness by crossing the “To Do’s” off your list.


I mean…it’s not that I  don’t feel a thrill in accomplishing. And if you want me to be completely honest with you…


My procrastination is more than just putting it off.
It’s a piece of my perfectionism.

I don’t post because I’m waiting for just. the. right. time.

I didn’t turn in the cover letter because it’s just not good enough.
I’m not responding to the email because it deserves more of my attention.
I haven’t told him what I needed to say because I can’t word it right.


See, the anxiety is my friend.
Something I know how to handle.

I’m just like that quote we all grew up with:
The one that says failure is less scary than success and that complacency is our safe place.
It goes against all my intution to post this – in a community of perfectionists dedicated to taking every measure possible – and I’m aware of this marketing mistake.


But my sorry excuse for explanations are not worth as much as me just telling the truth.

I know the difference between doing it right and doing it wrong.

..and sometimes…I pick wrong.

Microwave Mexican Breakfast

While living in the sorority house in college, my roommates and I had 2 rules: 1) Boys are dumb (the actual phrase is a little less PC) and 2) Chips and salsa are the bomb.

Let me say that many-a-nights were spent pondering life’s (boy) problems over bags and bottles of the magical snack.

Inexplicably, a craving for salty treats has recently overpowered my usual love of sweets. Maybe it’s the intense sweating I’ve forced my body to return to. May it’s the fact that I’ve dined out more times in the past month than I have in the entire year. Maybe it’s hormones.

Either way, chips and salsa has hit a peak again  in my life. This time I’ve proactively spent time trying to healthify the combo or round it into a meal. Yesterday, I made tofu nachos. This morning, I had an idea for a quick twist on chilaquiles, the traditional Mexican breakfast of fried tortilla simmered in salsa and served with eggs, cheese and beans.

With that I bring you is Microwave Mexican for Breakfast

To serve 1:

  • 2 eggs (if you’re like me and your egg + eggwhite turn into more of egg + 3/4 egg)
  • 1 serving tortilla chips, crumbled
  • 1/4 cup spinach
  • 1/4 cup red pepper
  • jalapeno pieces to taste
  • scoopfuls of salsa
  • optional: shredded mozzarella or “3 cheese Mexican blend”

The directions are easy. Combine all ingredients in a bowl, the eggs should coat tortilla chips easily. Microwave for a minute and stir, then microwave for about another 45 seconds. Top with more salsa.

I totally dig the soggy tortilla chips in what would usually just be a microwave omelet. So yeahhh I have a problem but it was exactly what I wanted this morning and was less involved than the more authentic recipes. It should be noted that according to Wikipedia, chilaquiles are commonly eaten to cure hangovers. Which means I will probably make this tomorrow.

Tonight is a big party for 2 of my good friends and I’m guessing it will be filled with sugar, alcohol, and more creative drink concoctions. I have 2 awesome recipes up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share!

Damn it feels good to be back in the kitchen!

Have you ever had authentic chilaquiles? What’s your stance on chips and salsa?

Don’t Blog Like I Blog

Blogger No-Nos I Do Anyway/ Breaking the Blogging Rules/ How To Be a Bad Blogger: 

1) Take photos with Blackberry camera
I wouldn’t exactly call them artsy. But maybe it’s an art I have to learn..That’s why there’s editing software!

Bish, what you eating?! 

2) Avoid any mention of Healthy Living
Remember when I made up healthy recipes and worked out? Me either. I mean…barely. It would appear, however, that my blog details quite the adventurous party and love life. There’s gotta be a compromise in there somewhere.

3) Post irregularly 
We’re talking 4 times a month, random dates and time – sorry for the mindfuck, folks.

4) Poor commenting
I promise I’ve been reading your blog! Actually I’ve been following and getting immersed in tonsss lately but I’ve been the worst at showing the love. Let’s get that out of the way now: You are too funny! That meal looks delicious! I’m sorry about the injury.

5) Stop telling stories
Resort to lists.

Sigh. The truth can really sting. And while I’d like to say #sorryimnotsorry I’ve been busy living life, the fact is that I do want to put my best blogging foot forward. I need to amp up the blog juices these days. Is there a fluid to aid in this? 5-Hour Energy? Kombucha?

New Goals, Mel. Be a better blogger. Be a better healthy liver. Figure life out.

I’ll be back to expound further on what’s been going on for me to make these realizations. Or at least I think I will?

Seriously, what are your hints for blogging at your best? 


Dear Bloggy,

I’m sorry I’ve left this post in my Drafts for 2 weeks now. Every attempt to make this “newsy” or “timely” has been continuously evaded and rethought. Instead, I have left you at the mercy of Spam. And I’m sorry “Twiggy” but I just don’t think my About Me page is the “most helpful article” you’ve ever read.

Alas. Instead of writing about my birthday I’ve been occupied by life that isn’t exactly in line with healthy living.  This included..

  • Hanging in Wrigleyville
  • Touring the city with a friend from NY
  • Overeating at Free Panera Bread day at work
  • A Father’s Day brunch and catchup with Dad after his 10 day Europe vaca. Yum, German chocolate!
  • A Father’s Day/ step-sister’s birthday bbq with the Step-fam
  • Wine, froyo and patio catch-ups with the girls
  • Losing power for 24 hours after a dreadful storm. (Sigh at the candelit showers.)
  • Career Fairing my heart out
  • Attending my second Ragan Comedy Networking Event
  • LA Boy’s 36-hour business trip visit
  • Trying cool beers on the typical Thursday night out
  • My Savta’s (step-grandma’s) 91st birthday
  • Chicago Gay Pride Parade shenanigans
  • Much needed snoozing

But instead of blogging about any of these things, I’m going to leap backward 13 days and finally talk about June 14.

My 23rd birthday!

And as I mentioned, this year I threw my negative attitude (also known as crying and angry-drunk fits) to the curb and embraced the love. THANK YOU everyone for the love!!

While the celebration has come and gone, I really want to share how it went because I had some a wonderful experience and I think it’s important to identify how much a healthy outlook on something so daunting (for me) can really make all the difference! I really tried to enjoy the moment, appreciate each person’s involvement and not get caught up in what did or didn’t happen.

So without any further delay, here’s a recap of my 23rd in 23:

1. I picked Saturday June 11 as the celebration day with nothing important in mind. Luckily, it wound up being perfect timing! So many friends I haven’t seen in a while were in town and able to come partyyy. There were probably 40 people in my friends’ apartment where we hosted a pregame from 9  p.m. to 1 a.m. Because the pregame is obviously the best part of the night.

2. During that time I underwent a small wardrobe malfunction and outfit change. Just like celebrities do.

Outfit #1 from Zara before the skirt’s zipper broke.

Outfit #2 aka dress from Megan’s closet (Forever 21?)

3. And like any good foodie, I hung in the kitchen most of the time, trying Flaming Dr. Pepper shots for the first (and second and third time)! My fav group of guys brought all the necessary equipment as their party present, and I believe it involved lighting a shot of Bacardi 151 on fire before dumping it into a cup of beer.

Go Tim, Go!

4. For the party, I  also made my own white wine sangria which included pear wine, champagne, pineapple juice, orange juice, mango and apples.

5. The apartment hostesses went all out to provide a beautiful assortment of baked goodies and flowers…

Sangria, flowers, cupcakes, cookies

6. And bottles and bottles of wine and champagne.

7. I apparently decided that my birthday was the excuse everyone else needed to party really hard, too. I think it worked.

Gotta get down on Friday Mel’s Birthday..

8. Around midnight, I stood on a chair while the whole room – which included an assortment of close friends and handfuls of randoms – sang happy birthday to me! In any other year, I probably would have hid in a closet and denied it was my birthday (true story). This year, I made a wish and blew out a flaming shot 🙂

9. Then we hit the late night bar Hangge Uppe, where I spun and spun until I got  veryyy tired.

10. Later at 4 am, we had some afties – which mostly meant indulging in some late night fafties and gossip. I led the chips and salsa and gauc domination.

11. I really had the happiest evening. Until I woke up and realized  my friends’ apartment looked like it belonged in the movie The Hangover. There were dirty dishes, crumbs, questionable items and alcohol everywhere! Like a very good friend who caused a huge rukus, I cleaned it up.

And this was just the table…

12. On the hilarious walk to my car, my team of ‘burb-dwellers and I stumbled into a new wave of graffiti hitting the streets of Chicago. Pokemon? As the ultimate Pokefan way back when, this made my day!!

13. Festivities began again on Tuesday at midnight (the time usually reserved for shots back in my heyday) when my sister brought in a cake she made herself. The cake was cookie on the bottom, chocolate ice cream in the middle and brownie on top. I died and went to dessert heaven! What a cutie for designing the concoction herself.

14. I realize I’ve gotten older because instead of I no longer get a slew of calls and texts like I used to around midnight. Instead, I woke up to a ton of texts and had my phone going nuts at 8 am and 5 pm. Guess we’re all on true grown up schedules by now.

15. My boss aided in the indulgence by bringing in birthday donuts.

16. I was originally planning on checking out a new froyo place with my sister for lunch but wound up getting a $10 worth of Whole Foods salad bar instead. The food made me realize I need to visit WF for meal times more often.

17. After work, it was  off to dinner with my mom, sister and step-dad at a wonderful seafood restaurant called Braxton! The past few years, I have opted out of going out to eat in favor of having cake at home with friends and family. This year, we decided to celebrate in style with some very fancy and fresh fish dishes and a nice bottle of wine. The restaurant told you exactly where each fish came from and included in-season specialties. All of our entrees came with choice of sides and there was a great selection of roasted potatoes, maed potatoes, asparagus, broccolini and polenta grits. At the end of the night, they gave us a choice of dessert and we went with their famous carrot cake! It was one of the nicest meals I’ve had in a while and the fresh ingredients made the meal filling without that disgusting full feeling. My favorite thing about Braxton was the waiters walking around with fresh rolls, right out of the oven, to put on your table.

I know the camera phone doesn’t do the dishes justice.

18. With all this deliciousness, I decided to take on Sable’s advice and my slogan again: Birthday (and celebration) calories don’t count!

19. I felt so special and so full of love! I’m still feeling lucky right now thinking about the awesome people I’m lucky to know. I really appreciate the effort everyone made and it was a bit of wake-up call to make more of an effort for others’ birthdays. After all, each text and wall post made a difference. I think I sometimes forget how much simple things can aid in someone’s happiness.

20. And because no birthday is complete without presents, I need to give a quick mention and thank you to those who completely surprised me!  A few special friends and boys in my life really put some smiles on my face.

Is there anything better than mail?

21. Thank YOU ALL for an amazing celebration. You showed me birthdays are not to be feared. You showed me that sometimes it’s OK to step into the spotlight. And most of all you showed me how grateful I should be – to have such fantastic people in my life.

22. Turns out I guess I don’t really have 23 things to say about my birthday. Woops.

23. Thanks if you’ve made it this far! I don’t want to let you down so.. Did you know June 14th is also Flag Day?! So HAPPY BELATED FLAG DAY to all!!


PS! If there are any Chicago bloggers out there who haven’t heard yet, Allie and Sophia had the great idea to host a Chicago Blogger Meet-up tomorrow, Tuesday June 28 at 7 pm at Karyn’s On Green! Let us know if you’re interested!


Filler Healthy Living Sarcasm

Thanks for the wise words and well wishes this week, folks! I appreciate it more than you know 🙂

Unfortunately, I’m evading a birthday recap another day in favor of a continued celebration at Flip Cup Thursday!

Til then, my brother left me the most hilarious wall post on my birthday. I think it’s soo dead on that I will repost it to satisfy a recap for now…

Dear Bloggy,

Today is my birthday!
Instead of cake Ive laid out a colorful array of roasted vegetables that I will eat later out of a ziploc bag. Next Im going to hardboil 2 eggs while I run on an elliptical and tag pictures from Prom 2004. Also, here is a picture of my cat. Did you know I lived in Israel once? Why is my sister so tan?
OH, veggies ready. Mmmm. Gotta go! #Follow me!

– Mel_Kraks

But maybe I just think it’s hilarious because I know I absolutely sound like this – as ridiculous as it is.

In sorta-seriousness /real humor world, there’s new meme hitting the ‘Tube that maybe we can all relate to quite a bit.

You all need to ccccheck it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

Whole Foods Parking Lot 

Thanks again for baring with me!

Here’s to my Michael Jordan year! 

Leaving Negativity Behind

Hi everyone! Thank you for all your support and kind wishes on my last post about the new love interest!

LA Boy left Friday after work and his visit went..good.

What is it about boys in transition? They get weird!

While we had a fun time together for the most part, there were a few moments where I couldn’t help but feel like we were having a hard time connecting. Then we’d wind up putting each other on edge a little.

I totally understood that his 2nd week on the job and first business trip meant that he would have many obligations and perhaps be a bit distracted. It only makes me feel weird because I know I consistently brought my A-game and made an effort to make the trip a good one.

For now, I’m just hoping the next visit can be more relaxed.

Highlights of his quick trip include:

– a visit to downtown Evanston for dinner and walks around Northwestern University

– a drop-by Hi Tops in Lincoln Park for Flip Cup Thursday – the weekly flippy cup competition I normally play in with my friends from school (One day we’ll win it all!) – for cheap drinks and flippy cup entertainment.

Meeting the friends out

– some crazy thunderstorm watching

– a minor injury

Any relationship advice for me?

Usually after a visit or a long-anticipated event, I sort-of celebrate with an eating splurge. An “I’m-so-sad-it’s-over but I’m-so-happy-it’s-over” mindset typically leaves me freely ingesting carbs, dairy, and treats that I  avoided in excess before the impending event.

Super healthy but that’s my habit.

After LA Boy left on Friday, I tried really hard to not freefall my eating habits because I had big birthday celebrations left to look good for. I’m not sure my plan completely worked because I was less than thrilled with the pictures I appeared in. Oy reality check.

With that in perspective, all I can do is push forward and work hard to make myself accountable from here on out.

After all, I have a birthday to enjoy!

My birthday has been rough for me for the past few years because the focus and attention on my happiness has really amounted to a lot of pressure. Even though I blog about my life and am comfortable in the spotlight, I struggle with how to handle days that revolve so much around me. I love showing people I care about them but ultimately feel guilty accepting attention, praise, etc from others. I call it Jewish-Mother-In-Training Syndrome.

This year, though, I’m leaving the negativity behind and going with the flow for my friends and family who want to show their love.

I think my change in attitude is a change for the better. Ill give you a big recap of my celebrations when I hit the “big” 23 tomorrow 🙂

Your birthday: awesomesauce or overrated? How do you like to celebrate?

The Story I Haven’t Told You

Once upon a time I started this blog.

Then, in one of my first posts, I imagined my perfect relationship and opened up the universe to giving me some test drives.

Then I planned a trip to Las Vegas for a convention with 1200 other young Jewish professionals.

Then I took a hiatus from blogging.

But what you never got to see during that month long break were  my sudden influx of constant day-long texts, my new 3-hour phone calls despite a 2-hour time difference, my gossiping with friends over the a whirlwind in my life.

You never saw the dare of a trip I took in April, flown half-way across the country to Los Angeles, to spend 3.5 days with some friends and a guy I’d only met for 17 hours.

Because in Vegas of all places – a city with the tag-line “What Happens Here, Stays Here” – I met a guy. Who I felt an instant connection with. Who wanted to know me better, too.

And during my Staycation last month, when a “friend” was in town for job interviews. I may only have alluded to the datecation in place.

But I never told you the full story. So for that, I’m sorry.

The thing about a blog, though, is – as obvious as it sounds – putting something on the internet makes it public! For everyone to know about!

While our story is no doubt pretty cute and crazy, there’s still a lot of it left to write.

After all, there’s the distance. Our personal histories. An age difference. “Figuring life out” left to do. More getting-to-know to be done. The feeling of not quite wanting to stop life as it is. The people in our life who don’t about it yet. Us not knowing what it is yet.

And the fact that  I’m still very much Young, Wild and Free.

But just because something isn’t serious, doesn’t mean it can’t be really fun!  I believe things are meant to happen and for now, I’m just chilling on the rollercoaster waiting to see what’s next. Knowing that there’s a lot of adventures headed this way..

And this time, I’ll try to clue you in on it, too!

Anyway, LA Boy is back in town! One of his interviews panned into a new gig with a permanent position in LA, but frequent visits and meetings at the headquarters in Chi.

We are both juggling busy work schedules, obligations and a commute (wait, that’s just me) but I’m not going to complain against a few more days in person figuring out the story.

That means Tuesday I prepped my work lunches in advance for one less thing to worry about while he’s here.

For Tuesday – Thursday, I compiled my usual fruit & nut baggies. I like to gobble down as much as possible so it’s all about getting the best bang for your buck. In this case, I compilef handfuls of almonds, raisins, half an apple and some grapes.

Then I roasted a plot of red pepper, green beans, carrots, zucchini, pea pods, and broccoli.

For one dish, I combined hardboiled egg and half a red potato with dill and hummus and topped it with the roasted veggies for a egg/potato salad of sorts.

For another, I added the veggies to a spread of lettuce and apple cider vinegar and ate it along a side of spicy tuna-salmon sushi.

Thursday, would be leftovers. Salmon salad to be specific.

Putting the week’s worth of lunches in the fridge at work on Tuesday seriously made my life easier. Recommended. But I should know that already.

As for the visit in place?

More on that later!