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About the Blog:

On the blog, I feature my lessons in love and relationships, depicting matters of romance, intimacy, breakups and lust as well as family, friendship, and trust.

This blog also depicts my adventures in food and fitness, becoming my fittest self, overcoming emotional eating, trying out new recipes and tasting my way through the latest health trends.

Both of my biggest passions are chronicled on Mmm Stories, where I believe both your body and your relationships deserve the same dedication, commitment and health.

About The Author

I’m Mel, a 24-year-old Chicago native, University of Illinois alum and Communications, Marketing and PR professional.

Since chronicling my love life for online journals and AP English essays as a 16-year-old Carrie Bradshaw, my infatuation with interpersonal relationships has only grown and developed.

After a year of trying to find my place in the blogging world,  I’ve found that the happiest, most interesting posts for me to write combine a mixture of writing about how we love each other and how we love our bodies, folding in my affinity for discussing love and relationships with my connection to living a healthy life.

My dream is to one day travel the world researching interpersonal relationships while studying how to counsel and help  families and couples.

Fun Facts

I love to cook, bake and hoard recipes in Pinterest. But mostly I love to just throw glops of wacky food combinations together and call it a meal.

I’m a collector. Stories. Adventures. Fun Facts. Internet Memes. Broken phones.

If it’s gone viral. I’ve probably seen it.

I will try any work out sensation once.



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