Don’t Blog Like I Blog

Blogger No-Nos I Do Anyway/ Breaking the Blogging Rules/ How To Be a Bad Blogger: 

1) Take photos with Blackberry camera
I wouldn’t exactly call them artsy. But maybe it’s an art I have to learn..That’s why there’s editing software!

Bish, what you eating?! 

2) Avoid any mention of Healthy Living
Remember when I made up healthy recipes and worked out? Me either. I mean…barely. It would appear, however, that my blog details quite the adventurous party and love life. There’s gotta be a compromise in there somewhere.

3) Post irregularly 
We’re talking 4 times a month, random dates and time – sorry for the mindfuck, folks.

4) Poor commenting
I promise I’ve been reading your blog! Actually I’ve been following and getting immersed in tonsss lately but I’ve been the worst at showing the love. Let’s get that out of the way now: You are too funny! That meal looks delicious! I’m sorry about the injury.

5) Stop telling stories
Resort to lists.

Sigh. The truth can really sting. And while I’d like to say #sorryimnotsorry I’ve been busy living life, the fact is that I do want to put my best blogging foot forward. I need to amp up the blog juices these days. Is there a fluid to aid in this? 5-Hour Energy? Kombucha?

New Goals, Mel. Be a better blogger. Be a better healthy liver. Figure life out.

I’ll be back to expound further on what’s been going on for me to make these realizations. Or at least I think I will?

Seriously, what are your hints for blogging at your best? 

6 thoughts on “Don’t Blog Like I Blog

  1. If know I’m going to be running around like crazy, I’ll take some time on a boring Sunday to write a few backup posts that I can either publish on the go or schedule to appear at a specific time. It can be super helpful, and it’s a good time to do “topic-specific” or recipe posts instead of, “this is what I did, this is what I ate, etc.”

    Also, I have the wordpress app on my phone and will blog when I’m on the train or bus! Takes a little longer (damn you autocorrect!), but is a good way to make use of that limbo time, and you can sometimes come up with the best topic ideas that way!

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