Filler Healthy Living Sarcasm

Thanks for the wise words and well wishes this week, folks! I appreciate it more than you know 🙂

Unfortunately, I’m evading a birthday recap another day in favor of a continued celebration at Flip Cup Thursday!

Til then, my brother left me the most hilarious wall post on my birthday. I think it’s soo dead on that I will repost it to satisfy a recap for now…

Dear Bloggy,

Today is my birthday!
Instead of cake Ive laid out a colorful array of roasted vegetables that I will eat later out of a ziploc bag. Next Im going to hardboil 2 eggs while I run on an elliptical and tag pictures from Prom 2004. Also, here is a picture of my cat. Did you know I lived in Israel once? Why is my sister so tan?
OH, veggies ready. Mmmm. Gotta go! #Follow me!

– Mel_Kraks

But maybe I just think it’s hilarious because I know I absolutely sound like this – as ridiculous as it is.

In sorta-seriousness /real humor world, there’s new meme hitting the ‘Tube that maybe we can all relate to quite a bit.

You all need to ccccheck it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

Whole Foods Parking Lot 

Thanks again for baring with me!

Here’s to my Michael Jordan year! 

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