Leaving Negativity Behind

Hi everyone! Thank you for all your support and kind wishes on my last post about the new love interest!

LA Boy left Friday after work and his visit went..good.

What is it about boys in transition? They get weird!

While we had a fun time together for the most part, there were a few moments where I couldn’t help but feel like we were having a hard time connecting. Then we’d wind up putting each other on edge a little.

I totally understood that his 2nd week on the job and first business trip meant that he would have many obligations and perhaps be a bit distracted. It only makes me feel weird because I know I consistently brought my A-game and made an effort to make the trip a good one.

For now, I’m just hoping the next visit can be more relaxed.

Highlights of his quick trip include:

– a visit to downtown Evanston for dinner and walks around Northwestern University

– a drop-by Hi Tops in Lincoln Park for Flip Cup Thursday – the weekly flippy cup competition I normally play in with my friends from school (One day we’ll win it all!) – for cheap drinks and flippy cup entertainment.

Meeting the friends out

– some crazy thunderstorm watching

– a minor injury

Any relationship advice for me?

Usually after a visit or a long-anticipated event, I sort-of celebrate with an eating splurge. An “I’m-so-sad-it’s-over but I’m-so-happy-it’s-over” mindset typically leaves me freely ingesting carbs, dairy, and treats that IĀ  avoided in excess before the impending event.

Super healthy but that’s my habit.

After LA Boy left on Friday, I tried really hard to not freefall my eating habits because I had big birthday celebrations left to look good for. I’m not sure my plan completely worked because I was less than thrilled with the pictures I appeared in. Oy reality check.

With that in perspective, all I can do is push forward and work hard to make myself accountable from here on out.

After all, I have a birthday to enjoy!

My birthday has been rough for me for the past few years because the focus and attention on my happiness has really amounted to a lot of pressure. Even though I blog about my life and am comfortable in the spotlight, I struggle with how to handle days that revolve so much around me. I love showing people I care about them but ultimately feel guilty accepting attention, praise, etc from others. I call it Jewish-Mother-In-Training Syndrome.

This year, though, I’m leaving the negativity behind and going with the flow for my friends and family who want to show their love.

I think my change in attitude is a change for the better. Ill give you a big recap of my celebrations when I hit the “big” 23 tomorrow šŸ™‚

Your birthday: awesomesauce or overrated? How do you like to celebrate?

3 thoughts on “Leaving Negativity Behind

  1. Happy (almost) birthday! Mine was yesterday and I had a HECK OF A TIME turning 26. Yikes! I’m trying to post about it but the words aren’t coming. We shall see.

    Relationship advice? Just ride it out. See what happens. Don’t stress and enjoy it. Also, I know LOTS of single Chicago boys! šŸ™‚

  2. Happy birthday tomorrow ladyyyyy! =)

    Don’t worry too much about your occasional indulgences šŸ™‚ Believe me — it took me overeating by 300-400 (and some days 500-600) cals/day for 12 weeks to gain 10 lbs lol! Plus calories don’t count on your birthday and special occasions šŸ˜‰

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