Where in the World..?

Most of the world dreams of New York City.


Those I grew up with, of Chicago.


For a few short months the place I dreamed of was Tel Aviv. But I knew life with her could never be my long term future. The same way Champaign, IL was just a transitional residence I would love and attribute to my college years.



The city I long to reside in remains a current mystery – my heart yearning for a blank picture.

I’ve found beauty in each city of the world I’ve visited. There are many places that have caught my brief attention.

And yet – none have ever appealed to me in a way that draws me back continuously. That leave me daydreaming about the caliber of a life that would manifest itself if I lived there.

That instead leaves me jealous of those around me who just knew.

I’m more than happy to stop and stay and make a city my own; appreciate the moments my feet are on its grounds and anticipate the next adventure on its streets.

But if a different suitor calls for me, I leave no trail of commitment or promise of return.

Perhaps that is my forever flaw. That no place will call to me with longing.

And perhaps it is my greatest strength. That no place clenches my heart with an unwavering hand.

My home could just be among those I connect to, my home where the next opportunity invites me. My family and friends bringing the city to life, instead of the other way around.

As my friends begin to settle into their dream lives in their dream cities – adventure is calling me more than ever.

I ask the universe to fulfill the next step of my journey – wherever in the world it may be.

It’s been a great, long year, but I’m ready for my next step.

More general updates to come but for now..

What is the city you’ve always dreamed of living in?

11 thoughts on “Where in the World..?

  1. Totally feel you. I’m in Phoenix now and love it, but there’s a part of me that wants to live in other cities (San Fran, Denver, LA, etc). And there is ALWAYS a part of me that wants to go back home to Chicago. But then there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to leave Phoenix. I’m starting to think that once you find people you connect with, wherever you are, that’s what makes you stay. #randomthoughtsofmine 🙂

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