Teenage Superstars

While the Staycation was over by Saturday, some big events were still on their way.

Saturday, for one, started by helping my sister Rachel get ready for PROM!!

It’s hard to believe my baby sister went the monumental dance featured in every coming of age movie and teenage-focused show. I’d helped her find her dress, schedule appointments and eventually did her makeup for the big day.

She looked so grown up and beautiful.

I was honored when Rachel and her best friend insisted I take a picture of them at the pre-dance picture taking. I love my little girls. We may be 5 years apart, but we’re so close.

I took pictures at the dance like an overeager parent…and way more eager than my own parents..excited for Rachel because Prom is really an exciting time.

Look how beautiful the back of her dress is!

While I’ll never forget prom, I had major buyer’s remorse about my own prom dress, since it was only the 3rd one I tried on. Looking back now though, I love how sexy and different my dress was. It had a flared see-through opening on both sides of my legs, intricate flower beading and a sheer red color. I was able to wear it back-to-back weekends to 2 different prom events – one for my good guy friend, the other for my own high school- and have never put it on since.

Anyone notice the curly hair guy in the back right? There’s Corbin Bleu. He was invited by a girl in my group who had become friends with him while studying to become an actress. And because I get giddy just thinking about it, I have to share one of my all time favorite pictures: learning the High School Musical dance with Corbin at prom (Our group was the last to leave because we couldn’t stop dancing)!


Did you go to Prom? Did you think it was special or overrated? What did you think of your dress?

Speaking of famous teenage singers..

After an exciting afternoon, I psyched myself up to sit through a rainstorm to go to a very special concert.

Through my pretty awesome job, I’d scored 2 VIP orchestra pit tickets to the Haley Reinhart American Idol hometown concert and brought my friend Kristi from Haley’s hometown of Wheeling, IL who is basically Haley’s biggest fan.

Despite the downpour, a couple thousand locals showed up at Arlington Park bearing posters and raincoats to watch the finalist. Haley’s visit will be shown tonight (Wednesday) on American Idol and I’m super excited to see what the turnout looked like on TV.

After all, we shuffled through crowds of 14 year old screaming fans and the rudest parents alive to nab these 3rd row pit seats. I hope I’m on tv 🙂 Even though I’m super awkward and my sign failed.

Watching this concert was more like being in a studio audience. It wasn’t straight and organized like most concerts and Haley did a good job at going with the flow. Every now and then the producer would come on the mic and get the audience involved in promos they were shooting. It was pretty exciting! She even brought her parents on stage. I can totally picture Ryan Seacrest’s voiceover hamming this up with some heartwarming music. “Then Haley brought her family on stage for a very special homecoming performance.”

Do you watch American Idol? Who do you want to win?

Lastly, some of my best gals and I gathered for a home-cooked dinner downtown Monday.

We shared a delicious wine spritzer combination ala Kathy. Ashley the chef prepared a greens salad, then followed up with a orange citrus fish + pesto whole wheat combo. Delish!

Then we moved to the couch for quality gossip and dessert. Cake balls and chocolate chip cookies – props go to my mom and a mix respectively 🙂

I have to say, I love that  my group of friends can get together and cook for each other instead of going out to eat or getting rounds of drinks sometimes. Its so nice to feel domestic and homey together. I’ve been roommates with Kathy, Ashley and Megan at different points, and nights like those make me feel like I’m back in the sorority house.

What’s your favorite way to spend time with your friends?

6 thoughts on “Teenage Superstars

  1. that is SO COOL… I’ve never heard of someone going to one of the hometown concerts! I heard a clip from her “You Oughta Know” last night, and I was verrry impressed… but I’ve always been a pretty big fan of cutie Lauren. I don’t really watch, though, so I don’t think my opinion really counts. 🙂

    Love your prom dress, babes!

  2. I stumbled across your blog while reading “I’m an Okie”, and saw that you have a degree in Communication. I do, as well! I am also 22, and my youngest sister is five years younger than me :). Isn’t it strange that our sisters are in the same place we were five years ago? It’s still hard for me believe how fast time has gone by!

    • That’s such a fun coincidence! It blows my mind that they’ll be going away to college – I feel like freshman year of college was so recent! It’s nice though because it definitely feels like the age barrier is shrinking as we deal with more similar lifestyle, right?

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