Best Staycation Ever

What exactly does one do on Staycation in Chicago?

Let me tell you!

– Visit the Bean at Millennium Park  late at night, when it’s even more reflective than during the day. Beware of pesky security guards.

– Sit in rush hour reverse commute traffic. Twice.

– Walk Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile.

– Grab deep dish pizza from Giordano’s. (Though Lou Malnati’s has my heart too).

– Drink in Wrigleyville while watching the Cubs play right next door and enjoy the quality people-watching that comes from drunk Cubs fans. Cubs = party = love.

– Share late night McDonald’s cookies.

– Take a day off work.

– Make a trip down Lakeshore Drive to The Art Institute of Chicago. See a few famous paintings.


– Visit the nightlife and pub scene in the Gold Coast.

– Get taken to a realllllly nice dinner (how I managed to add this to the list was very lucky).

– Shmooze the waiter until you’re BFFs; get a free ginormous chocolate mousse cake.

– Explore the beauty ::cough:: that is the North Suburbs

– Enjoy more classic suburban fare: purveying the wide draft and vegetarian selection at The Yardhouse, nabbing free drinks (strawberry mojito!) at RA Sushi, and sitting down to a delicious meal at home

– Stay up all night hanging downtown and making new friends in order to drive to Midway at 5 am

If this sounds like a great Staycation Datecation to you, then I would completely agree!

I love Chicago!

The rest of the weekend had some more adventures which will definitely come in the next post! Let me say, even though I can’t wait to jump back on the clean eating and working out schedule, I know it will be a transition. That was more restaurant eatin’ than I’ve done in a loooong time.

Restaurant Rave

But before I fade away from this special week, I want to share a little more about Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House – the seafood sister of famous Chicago steakhouse, Gibson’s – and the ritzy restaurant we frequented Wednesday night.

Roaming the corner of Rush and State, my friend and I found many nice restaurants and bar. But fish cravings were calling our name to Hugo’s and even better, I happened to know the host at the door!

While the price range is inappropriate for anything other than a special occasion – or perhaps a senior job income – the restaurant is well worth it! With a diverse wine list of whites and reds and specialty house bottles, there’s something for everyone to start with.

Like all my favorite restaurants, this one opens with amazing breads. Specifically a loaf of cinnamon-raisin! I’ve never seen raisin bread served as an opening dish but woww was it amazing!

My most important recommendation is to request Adam as your server. He is awesome! Interesting, entertaining and fun, we bantered with him all evening and heard about his new exercise regime along with his family’s background in the Marine Corps. He set such a fun mood!

My friend and I split the Walleye and Halibut fish entrees – both were so amazing. I specifically liked the Walleye even though I’d never had it before. It was fresh and crusty and thick. Though each entree come with choice of soup or salad (Adam upgraded soups for us too), side orders are ala cart and family style. In Chicago, we do it big!

And even though bread and fish and wine should have been enough, Adam bought us a dessert and the fluffiest, chocolate-iest, largest mousse cake I’ve ever seen. I would love to see the other desserts they have!

Seriously, we got our nom on at Hugos! If you’re ever feeling particularly celebratory, I absolutely recommend this place – of course red meat eaters will love its sibling, Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, as well.

Have you ever been to an extremely nice restaurant? What is your favorite food to order out? Do you like deep dish pizza? What is your favorite museum?

8 thoughts on “Best Staycation Ever

  1. Staycations are awesome when you live in a city like Chicago!

    When I go out I like to try something I’d never be able to make at home, like falafel (tried once, not good) or risotto, or something like that!

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  3. Sounds like a great time! Love doing the touristy type stuff. These are the things that make me miss Chicago… especially in the summer. But, at least I can staycation at some fab resorts in AZ. 🙂

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