Rain Stories and One Sugar-Loving Family

Goodbye Weekend!

How was everyone’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Mother Funday?

I’ve had quite the few days and this next week will be plowing ahead like crazy too.


On Thursday, I headed over to a neighboring high school for one of my sister’s last track meet. Her coach had made a deal with Rachel that if she beat her 400 meter dash PR, she’d take her to dinner. Rachel had been anticipating the big race ever since and though her team is pretty high ranked, the day’s conditions were dreary and windy.

I was really amped to be at a high school competition – having never been to a track meet EVER before – and pretty inspired by the speedy little high schoolers! I totally got adrenaline rushes from watching runners kick at the last second and start passing people at the last second!

Unfortunately it was the day that dragged and dragged. 30 minutes into the meet, wind picked up. 1.5 hours into the meet, a storm delay was called. An hour later, the 800 meter run was just finishing up and the first leg of the 400 meter was starting. It started drizzling. The second heat of the 400 took their positions to race, and the rain came down consistently. As the third heat, and Rachel’s race, was beginning to get on the track, the rain turned to a downpour. The weather was doing everything in its power to prevent my sister from PRing! Names started being called by the announcer and I waited in anticipation to cheer for my sister. But right before they could call her, the whirl of the storm siren notified everyone of another delay. The look on her face was priceless. She was PISSED.

But there was a happy ending. 30 minutes later, her heat boarded the track and she took off in the fastest sprint ever. She dominated her heat and beat her PR by a second. YAY! I was a proud sister, screaming like a maniac “RUN! RUN! YOU GOT THIS!”

There’s the awful cellphone pic of Rachel, white shirt, a good second ahead of her racing companions.


With big plans for a weekend trip to St. Louis, I loaded and packed my bag for a solo 5 hour drive. Keeping me company on the way was a book on CD of The Art Of Racing In The Rain, a really awesome novel by Garth Stein, written from the perspective of a dog.

I’ve never listened to a book on tape before and thought I would hate it because it’s not as thumping as a typical car-jam session is…But I loooved it! For the long drive, I got totally immersed in the story and found myself laughing out loud and talking to the narrator. I think a good story and a good narrator probably make all the difference. Do you like book on tapes?


After a fun night out with my best friend, who was in St. Louie on business, we rose on Saturday with free awesome tickets to the Cardinals-Brewers game. As Cubs fans, these are adversarial teams and we really didn’t want either team to win!

Cardinals Stadium was beautiful however. It was so clean, with great food options, and even better views of the St. Louis arch.

Elle had made shirts for us in Cardinal red but with slogans against the Cardinals that proclaimed “Go Cubs” on the bottom! It’s a good thing we were two, young, friendly girls because I’m pretty sure we would have gotten beaten up for them any other way.

After the game, we bounded back to the car to drive home. While I love that St. Louis is known for it’s quaint beauty, friendly people and the rapper Nelly, it’s just no Chicago.


Extended family brunch and errands took up most of my day but the immediate family gathered around dinner time to celebrate my Momma. The wonderful woman who taught me everything I know about baking, cooking, staying healthy, eating greens, and traveling. I just have to shout out the Madre – especially since everyone else is!

MOMMMA!!! The 2 of us in 2009 while I was studying abroad and superrr tan.

Reservations were at Seasons 52, a restaurant I’ve heard so much about because the menu is seasonally inspired, changed 4 times a year per each season, and uses locally grown ingredients in a Special’s menu changed every week, 52 times a year.

My favorite thing about Seasons is the emphasis on flavor and spices rather than just ginormous portions. Everything in the menu is under 475 calories too.

We started with a flat bread pizza made of feta, poblano peppers, pineapple and a chipotle sauce. It was spicy and tasty.

For entrees, various fish, salads, vegetables and tofu combinations were ordered. I choose a salad with salmon, jicama, tomatoes, nuts,shredded parmesean, edamame and the coolest presentation. The salmon was weirdly on some sort of vegetable skewer. I couldn’t quite explain how they got it in there! My favorite thing about Seasons is that every bite you take, you can really savor each flavor. While I normally tend to scarf down my food, I really took the time to taste each bite. Do you usually savor each taste of food?

Last up, the waitress brought out a tray of minidessert shotglasses. With 9 different choices, we could pick from Key Lime Pie, Carrot Cake, Mocchiato, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Mousse, Rocky Road, Lemon, and Pecan Pie flavors. My mom took one look at the tray and told the waitress, “We’ll take them all.”

Sooo..we had the opportunity to each try a little of each dessert.

And by try a little, I mean stuff ourselves. These cups were bigger than they looked and it was so fun to compare our favorites. The after picture looked more like this.

I mean…who does that?? Who finishes 9 desserts? Who? I’ll tell you. One sugar loving family!

My mom is a brilliant lady. It was the best idea ever but I mean hey! It’s Mother’s Day! Do what your Momma says because Mother usually knows best!

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