Mmm-ing on Desserts and the Famous

Remember when I promised I’d challenge myself at the gym in my last post?

I guess plans don’t always go as you’d hoped.

That day, last Wednesday, I initiated an interval treadmill run but 7 minutes into my exercise, got hit with the worst asthma attack. I’d completely forgotten my inhaler and had to cool down, laying down, trying to catch my breath for about 20 minutes. Scarryy. I’ve definitely learned my lesson about preparing for a workout and I’ve tried to come more prepared ever since.

The good news for me…but maybe not the best news for my health…was that after calming myself down, I headed back to work at 7:30. For my job, I frequently make and edit videos of different cool events and people at the school I work for.

Well..I just happened to need extra footage of our highly ranked culinary students. And when I waltzed into their class, guess what the theme of the lesson was?


Sugar, we meet again.

All the students were so considerate and I had the chance to sample all of their gourmet “signature desserts.”

Thank you, Blackberry camera

In the spread was: orange infused double chocolate brownies, caramelized mango tart, an Asian-inspired steamed cake, triple sec chocolate souffle, chocolate/raspberry/ coffee balls with white chocolate drizzle, baked peach crisp, carrot cake, wanton dessert sandwiches, and a few more.

It was a pretty wonderful adventure and I was loving life…either from the awesome opportunity to taste culinary masterpieces or the pulsing sugar through my veins.

Thursday night, work threw my foodie frenzy for a loop again when Andrew Zimmerman spoke on campus. The star of Travel Channel’s Bizzare Foods actually planned to use my office building as his green room. Needless to say, I stayed the extra hour after work to get a chance to meet him!

Must. Remember. To. Shower. And. Bring. Make Up. Before. Important. Events.

He was really friendly and funny which I definitely admire because I imagine it’s hard to be personable when everyone is throwing cameras and signs your way to autograph.

This is actaully the 4th famous person I’ve hung out with! I have quite a love of meeting famous people in a genuine setting and may recap this sometime in the blog if you would be interested. My other 3 encounters have been with: Corbin Bleu from High School Musical, Neil Flynn the Janitor on Scrubs, and Kid Cudi the musician.


My other quick news from the week is that in some ways, I have stuck to my goal of challenging myself. For example, Saturday I set a new PR!! No, not 5k time or longest mileage. At all.

I spent 19 hours in heels! My feet and calves definitely think this was worthy of mentioning. Somehow a day out, turned into a night out, turned into a early morning out.

Yesterday, I also finally climbed ontop of the daunting Stairmill which I have been staring down since joining this gym.

10 minutes of intervals on levels 4-8, 100 calories and 35 flights later, I have to say I dig this machine! I didn’t feel too winded byit – probably because I was still getting my bearings – but I was definitely sweating.

Here’s hoping for as much excitement these next few days. I have a feeling some adventures are in store.

Have you ever met a famous person? Have you tried any new exercise equiptment?

5 thoughts on “Mmm-ing on Desserts and the Famous

  1. I’m sorry about your asthma attack girl! So cool that you met him! I’ve met Cat Cora before, and she was so so nice! And all those desserts look amazing. I wouldn’t have been able to say no to them!

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