Sugar Ache

It turns out a week without bread isn’t as different as I thought.

I’m not a frequent sandwich eater, or pasta eater (as of recently), so what I missed the most during Passover was baking! Something about cutting complex, bready carbs makes my body craaave sweets and although I filled my diet with plenty of nuts, fruits, veggies and proteins, I was reaching for any Passover sweet I could find all week long.

The holiday officially ended last night and my friends Kathy and Ashley wanted to celebrate with bagels! The ultimate in bready goodness.

Me? Well I obviously don’t do moderation when it comes to sugar and couldn’t wait to dig into the chocolate and melty goodness my buddies Ben & Jerry’s are known for.

Between the three of us and my little sister – but mostly me – we dominated the now-empty carton.  And my stomach is definitely feeling a little off this morning because of it. Like “Ohh.. forgot what THAT feels like! Help.”


But to be honest, my health habits have been all sorts of crazy this month. Some weeks I’ll find myself eating very clean, starting with a filling breakfast, prepping my usual salad and fruit/nut combo for lunch, and keeping appropriate portions during dinner with a treat thrown in.

But for a good 2 weeks I’ve been doing great from 8 am – 5 pm and then blowing it when I come home from work. By this I mean just totally overeating even after feeling full. The food TASTED so good – but it’s not normal to have 5 dinners in a row. Although it felt OK at the time – it all added up and left feeling like quite the sloth.

I love everything about this sloth picture. SOURCE

Once upon a time I didn’t mind the feeling of being overly stuffed to the point of still waking up full in the morning. I didn’t really notice the weighed-down feeling. Over these past few months, though, I’ve tried to gain control of my appetite and have just felt better for it.

I think the reason for my recent failure comes from skipping the gym after work. Without the accomplishment of a good work-out pulsing through my body, I’ve felt more inspired to grab fistfuls of any food in sight.

So today, I’m resolving to get back on track.

I will challenge myself at the gym instead of driving home. I will eat my delicious veggie & protein packed salad. instead of ordering Chinese with every one else. And I will tell you all I’m doing it so I’m accountable.

As always, thanks for hanging in there for me.

What’s your favorite food to celebrate with? How do you keep yourself on track?


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