Back and Better Than Ever


Don’t worry! I didn’t run off and get married and start a family after my Las Vegas trip.

I guess I’ve been wanting to come back to Mmm Stories for a long time but as every day passes I felt it harder and harder to get back on and explain myself.

But just as with anything, sometimes you just have to quit making the excuses, stop analyzing every word, suck it up and just get back on the horse.

I figure the best way for me to ease back in is to tell you all some of the fantastic ways my life has actually improved in my one month of active blogging. I never could have imagined the positive spin blogging would have brought to my life – not just personally, but to those around me as well.

Benefits of the Blog:

  • I now get texts on a regular basis of my friends and family eating their veggies
  • Writing after work was a mental and therapeutic release that actually kept my bedtime at a normal hour
  • I started finding and reading about new interesting ladies across the world who shared exciting things about food, life, fashion and travel. Their tips I now throw into daily convos, making me sound more worldly than ever 😉
  • It’s challenged me in the kitchen and given me the confidence to tackle more intricate recipes – which has begun to impress others
  • My families have been inspired to experiment with new and healthy foods in their diet like spaghetti squash and oats in a jar
  • It’s renewed my passion for creating and designing web content, which is a strength I can take with me in my career

But in short, maybe I needed a break to help redefine where I want my blog to go and be. I can now say my blog is about making the most of what life throws at you and finding the adventure and beauty in it. It’s about appreciating the daily lunch and the soothing practice of putting it together. It’s an outlet to reach out to others with similar interests or who may know more. Because I’m not the best baker out there, I’m not an experienced runner, and I’m not THE social media expert.

But I am made to find the “mmm..” in each little piece in the story of my life Smile

For now, I won’t bore you with crazy recaps. But I will fill you in on some things that are new.

Like a new car.


This beautiful, silver 2010 Toyota Camry aka my first big, scary, grown up purchase!

And new running shoes, that are supposedly designed by Brooks to give feet like mine optimal positioning. More to come on easing into running and ankle problems I believe I have.


And new foodie finds. Upping the ante in the kitchen!


And new love interests. Meow.


And yeah…some new baked treats.


I missed you guys. Really. A lot.

Group hug?

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