My Favorite Little Guy


My weekend started with an early bang on Thursday when one of my best friends from college, Ariana, dropped into town. She was already cuddled up at my house by my lunch break and I was super excited to come home to an old friend after a work day, long drive into the city, network event and drive back.

A productive Friday was spent attending my first spin class (finallly a class my brain doesn’t move 20 miles-a-minute in), baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookie muffins and getting our rest on. Then, together with my 2 best friends from home – another in town for a few days!! – we hit the town all weekend long!

We spoke Spanish at an apartment party and attempted after hours on Friday night, collected beads at a Mardi Gras-themed barcrawl Saturday afternoon and listened to an amazing cover band called Rock Candy on Saturday Night.

It was so fun to be reunited with good friends, having adventures and taking a break from the internet! The change of pace was a wonderful flashback but dancing our Old Style calories away required good fueling up after! Sunday morning, my sister, Ariana and I took a trip to the grocery store for the house necessities: $50 worth of bananas, Fuji apples, broccoli, boxes of cereal, almond milk, chick peas and canned crushed tomatoes. It’s all about balance.

Feeling inspired by Gracie’s  Homemade cashew butter, I wrapped up the weekend with something extraordinary.

Nutty Dream Banana Cream Softserve


– 1/2 cup raw cashews

– 1/2 cup raw walnuts

– 1/4 cup almond butter

– 2 frozen bananas

Directions: Combine first 3 ingredients in the food processor for about 1 minute. Scrape down sides and a pulse until smooth. Add bananas and mix for another minute until creamy. Serve with chocolate chips.

It was a fresh alternative to ice cream or froyo, made right in the kitchen. It was the ultimate refueling snack, alongside ramen & tuna salad respectively.

My Favorite Little Guy

You may have noticed that on Mondays, I’ve been starting a new tradition of featuring doses of reflections and personal anecdotes. In the past 2 weeks, during “My Mondays,” I’ve touched on my perfect relationship and my good mood song.

I have a deep love for furry creatures and gI felt this week’s post should be dedicated to a very special someone.

My cat, Tippy.

Tippy has been with my family for 13.5 years. He looks like a tiny, little guy but he is sort of an old man.
Tippy came into our lives quite accidentally, during a trip to a mall dollar store in  Summer ’97. The store’s owner’s had given away their cat’s newborns, except for one little kitten who had been returned and was left prowling the rows of the store where we found him. Cuddled into my mom’s arms, it only took 5 minutes before my mom, brother, sister and I decided he was coming home with us.  As soon as we took him home, he navigated our hardwood floors carefully and uneasily. We argued over the name of our first pet but my father noticed the cat’s unsturdiness on the floor and the way he walked on his tip-toes. With that, we dubbed him Tippy.

By day 2, Tippy was looking out the window longingly. We let him outside to explore our fenced-in yard and ever since, he’s been regularly prowling all lengths of the neighborhood, chasing down bunnies, mice and birds.

He’s a loud little guy, frequently using his voice to get attention. I’ve read that cats communicate with other cats non-verbally, using signals like tail wags, ear folds and blinking, while domestic cats learn to meow at humans after positive reactions and reinforcement. Clearly my family was never strong with non-verbals because Tippy MEOWS alll day long. To be pet. To be fed. To go outside. He has different meows, almost like a child. He’s lucky he’s so cute and affectionate by nature.

But Tippy’s older age has brought a few changes. These days a thyroid condition has upped his metabolism so he’s thinner than ever and louder than ever and in need of more touching and affection. He also has stomach problems, which can leave him throwing up all over the house if he doesn’t take his nightly pill. He’s recently taken up a habit of peeing in open suitcases. He is slower this year and hasn’t braved the snow as much.

But he is my little Tippy. Since coming home from college, I have grown even closer to him and look forward to cuddling and feeding and caring for him. I love having an animal in the house and frequently feel so fortunate we all wound up in that dollar store 13 years ago.

What is your pet like? Besides Tippy, my family has also owned a chameleon and a few frogs. My dad and step-mom also have 2 cats, Baby and Shadow.

Have you ever celebrated Mardi Gras? I love finding cool and funky beads to hang in my car!

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Little Guy

  1. so cuute! I love when old friends come to town, and I especially loved it in college!

    MY pet? aahah.. well, my 13 week old puppy is a big sasspot. she’s still learning of course, but shes got her own little “I do what I WANT. including poop in your bedroom.” personality.

  2. Awww Tippy is so cute!! I have some pics of my fiance’s cats on my blog too~Orion (male) is huge and we always tease him b/c he reminds us of a walrus 😛 A cute one that is!

  3. what cute pictures of your main man! I can relate… I’m sure one of my first posts will be about my baby dimepiece…. Mosey 🙂

    oh ps.. it DOES look like you had a great time hittin’ the town !

  4. Can’t believe I’m just seeing it now but… LOVE the post!!!! Had so much fun coming home for a long weekend and playing with my favorite girls! And of course, love all the Tippy shots. Especially the one of Tippy and I deep in convo.. MEOW! 🙂

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