The V-Day Hangover

Thank you to all the new folks who dropped by yesterday! I hope you had fun bonding with my kitchen.

I’ll be taking back the blog today with some food, some links and some good ole random stories. I hope you stick around!

Yes, lots been brewing  in the Stories household these past few days.

Let’s recap! The good, the bad and the ugly…

The Good

Friday night, some extended family came over for a wonderful dinner together – leaving plenty of leftovers for the week. It was a full course dinner and the first time, I’ve saw my stepdad cook something…even if it was just a salad!

Chicken soup

Quite the salad




Saturday night, my sister went to her last high school Turnabout Dance. She’s beautiful!

I was the only one who was a mess at pictures. This is probably because I only really went to one high school dance..Prom. I eventually made up for that with the fraternity and sorority date events in college. Have you noticed how much dresses have evolved in the last 5 years?

With Baby Sis & Mom

On Monday, I came home to the BEST gift! The Flytrap card I’d won from Rachel!

How cute are her address labels with her brand logo?! The girl knows her stuff.

Outside: Love isn’t easy……

Inside: Fortunately, I am.

Witty. I know I’m supposed to actually give it to someone, but isn’t it just too funny?!

My other wonderful card 🙂

Monday, there was a very touching…slash ridiculous… feature story in the Chicago Tribune. A man and woman  were celebrating their 80TH ANNIVERSARY!! They are 97 and 102.

“A Love For The Record Books” – Fo REAL!

The Bad

These would be my gym shoes.

Sitting at my front door. Not in my gym bag where they were supposed to be so I could take my first spin class after work. I was pretty pissed at the wasted gas so I ate an oreo cookie on the way home.  Luckily I guess this means I have another day to freshen up on the details from Rachel’s Lose Your Virspinity video. The gym is cerca a new Groupon, perfectly in line with my Vegas Goals!

Over the weekend, I also made a new friend. The BIG spider that perched up in my ceiling corner. It has since traveled into the hallway, disappeared at night and reappeared in the shower this morning. I am FREAKED. I don’t want to kill it but I get chills imagining it crawling around my belongings…or me.


Strangely, tarantulas don’t freak me out. My friend and I, on an adventurous trip to Iowa, happened upon a random guy who owned a tarantuala. He invited us in to hold it and despite the sketchiness, we did! I think I like these big guys because they’re fluffy and easy to watch over, instead of sneaky and wirey.

Man's best friend

The Ugly

Remember those cute oreo-cookie valentines?  On Monday, I got a call from my friend Kathy saying she had received my package….but it had been stamped “Contents Damaged Upon Arrival” with a giant rip in the package!! Upon opening she found teeth marks around the package and a half eaten cookie! I guess the mailman had taken the bag home and his dog smelled the cookie. That’s the most logical reasoning I can come up with because I don’t want to imagine what kind of  furry friends roam around the post office…

In other Oreo news, Lil Weezy caused a bit of a scandal by haulting Oreo’s attempt at Wold Record of “Most Facebook Likes” in 24 hours…by starting up his own competition. Playas gonna play! See the full story..

Sooo that’s-a me! What’s up with you folks?

Did you go to your high school dances, was I missing out? How do you feel about spiders?

8 thoughts on “The V-Day Hangover

  1. OH my GOODNESS! I have never heard about contents being damaged like that from the mail system.. that is CRAZINESS! Customs is a whole ‘nother story… and I’ve had plenty of would-be-yummy gifts taken away by customs that my momma tried to send me. lol.

    Oh, and I am with Sophia… I am deathly afraid of spiders! Like seriously… i freeze up and can’t move!!

  2. That Lil Wayne thing is hilarious. I hadn’t heard about that!

    I used to hate hate HATE spiders! Then I moved to Africa and lived in a bamboo hut (literally) for two years that had all sorts of huge spiders, ants, roaches, snakes, scorpions, rodents, etc etc roaming around it so I got pretty good at just calmly carrying them outside and moving on. 🙂

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