25 Day Countdown

Things haven’t been  too eventful in the eats department this week. Apparently the only crazy thing in my world these days is my obsession for certain songs and my penchant for combining words. I swear I’m totally normal.


Spicy Tuna Crunch Sushi from Nan’s Sushi and Chinese

Salad with hard boiled egg, tomato, carrots, peas, corn, green beans and roasted chickpeas, cauliflower & broccoli with salsa

Jessica’s Cookie Dough Dip, a big party hit! (Obvious by the place mat.)

Some good old chocolate and peanut butter ice cream!

I’ve  noticed lately how everyone accomplishes goals a little differently. Some people work best by writing it all out at the start of the month, others try to check something off each day.

I go into work-mode when I’m prepping for a trip or event. There’s nothing like a time sensitive subject to kick my butt in gear.   Therefore its usually pre-trips that I go shopping, care about working out and basically piece my life together.

In 25 days, maybe less, I’ll be heading to Vegas! I’m off to a conference where there will 1,000 other young professionals with similar interests and goals and I want to feel all put together! IT”S GO TIME BABY!

So here’s my list to get my shiz together:

  • Business Goals
    • Design and print new biz cards
    • Purchase new business casual clothes
    • Update resume
    • Finish up physical and online portfolio
  • Materialistic Goals
    • Amp up workouts so they are tough and frequent
    • Be smart about treats and snacks
    • Restock dresses and shoes for going out
    • Find a way to look tanner
  • Life Style Goals
    • Look hotttt
    • Manage finances wisely despite new purchases
    • Have blog be put together with more pages and own domain name

    From my last Vegas trip in Summer 09

3 Weeks to do it! I’m so pumped!

Have you ever been to Vegas before? What’s your biggest trick for accomplishing goals?

6 thoughts on “25 Day Countdown

  1. I’ve never been to Vegas but I want to go SO bad!! Hopefully I can make it there this year. When it comes to goals, I find writing things down always helps me! Also, talking to other people about them helps. That way, when you’re slacking, you feel even more motivated to get things done.

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