My Good Mood Song

Like many babies, this blog was conceived on a Snow Day.

And like many mothers, not long after, I was hit with a backlash of morning sickness..or well..a cold.

Either way, I’m feeling a little better now and beaming with the healthy glow of a proud mama. So let’s get down to business.

At most stages in my life I’ve had a go-to Good Mood song.

You know, the kind of song that everyone likes but you really really like – almost to extreme, obsessive degrees?

The kind of song that people will call you when they hear it. The kind that you play on repeat when you need to get yourself really pumped. And have every single word memorized.

The kind of song that you demand complete, uninterrupted listening to and will actually halt any prior conversation. The kind that feels amazing to blast on long drives – or long runs if you’re that kind of person. The song that will always have  a super special place in your heart and when you hear it, you tell everyone “That’s MY song!”

For me  these days, that song is “Memories” by Kid Cudi and David Guetta.

I first heard “Memories” on a trip with my best friend to visit my little brother at the University of Iowa. We were munching on dinner as he showed off his bumping music system in his new house. When I first heard the song I was so intrigued, I made him reverse back and play it again. This turned into all night me messing with the sound system just so I could hear it again and again.

I love a good beat. But I also love some good lyrics.

“Memorie’s” beat is a fusion of dance music and instrumental, one of my favorite combinations. It’s lyrics are simplistic but relateable.

It’s become my anthem, getting me through my senior year of college and noteworthy real world events. It’s well known, but not so mainstream that the radio over-plays it. As a matter of fact, most DJs I’ve requested the song to (and I request it often) only play segments of the song. So when I do just happen upon the song, I jam out to the extreme.

The first time I saw Kid Cudi in concert I waited the entire show hoping he would play it. My friend Megi and I drove the hour to Milwaukee and arrived 4 hours in advance because we’d forgotten to buy tickets online. We were the 2nd group in line, snagged a sweet, front row spot and jammed out the whole time. But I would have left feeling unfulfilled if he had skipped “Memories”.  Finally in the last set, Cudi played his high-energybiggest hits back-to-back-to-back and I could feel my song’s beat beginning! When he moved from “Embrace the Martian” to “Memories” I started going nuts. I think I cried..yikes.

Months later, I was at his concert, front row again, and Cudi came off stage during the same set. I was ready for it – but when all of a sudden he was singing my favorite song in my face, I was in shock. I think I blacked out.

"Cudi singing Memories in my face" phone picture!

So yeah..I’m a little dramatic about my favorite song. I guess that’s kind of the point.

My song before I discovered “Memories” – and my go-to through most of college – was “Feel the Love Generation” by Bob Sinclair. TBS used it as a background song in a miniseries back in 2007 and I was intrigued by the back beat. I spent hours trying to find the song and when I did, you can bet my roommates heard it non-stop. Whenever it went off at a party, I would jump up and let totally free. Simple and dancy, just the way I like it.

This is an awesome music video btw.

Flashing back further, for most of high school my go-to song was “The Bad Touch” by the Bloodhound Gang (aka The Discovery Channel Song). Yep I was that girl. I still have every word memorized.

I cite these because one of my favorite things is the way a song can bring back a memory or elicit an emotion. Maybe some less fervently than others. There’s just something about the way a song can make you feel. Like you’re completely alive. Like someone knows what you’re going through. Like someone understands your love or your pain. Like you’re experiencing it all over again, for the first time, right back in that moment.

Other songs noteworthy songs from my life:

  • “Paper Planes” by M.I.A. will always make me think of living in the sorority house, as it was the song my pledge class officially adopted for ourselves. Whenever we’d hear the song we’d consciously gravitate towards each other and become a big, obnoxious, fun sorority girl group dancing to the song.

    Bang Bang Bang, and Kaching, and take your mon-ay

  • 50 Cent’s first album “Get Rich or Die Trying”  makes me remember the summer of 2003, being young and carefree; boys riding their bikes to meet up at the pool; new to high school and making fast friends; and pining over puppy love to “21 questions”.
  • Anything Beatles, Smash Mouth or Blue Man Group will remind me of riding around in my father’s car in junior high. They were some of the few CD’s he owned and it’s from him that I found my love of The Beatles.

What song will always have a special place in your heart?

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