Thursday Fun Day: Stir-fry and Networking

I’m only 3 days in, but I already have a new found respect for bloggers! Blogging is..kinda hard!

A lot of time goes into taking pictures, writing everything up, making it interesting and commenting. But I think I like the challenge! Especially when I get to write about a night like last night…

Yesterday, I headed downtown to the Loop (around where the Michigan Ave shopping & Millennium Park are)  to have a nice dinner date with my friend Megan! She had a Groupon that was about to expire for Flat Top Grill and I was more than happy to tag along because Flat Top is one of my favorite restaurants!

Much like Stir Crazy, Flat Top is a make-your-own stir fry restaurant. They offer an assortment of fresh veggies, different options of carbs including brown, white rice and rice noodles, and a variety of proteins including chicken, fish, seiten, veat, eggs and shrimp to choose from. I love Flat Top because you get to pick everything for your bowl yourself and can therefore control to load up on something like sweet potatoes and pea pods while only adding a dash of something like wasabi or mushrooms. Winking smile


My bowl included:

  • Broccoli, zucchini, peppers, carrots, stir fry blend, pea pods, celery, red cabbage,  pineapple, sweet potatoes
  • Brown rice & rice noodles
  • Scrambled Egg
  • White Fish
  • BBQ Tempeh
  • A Roti flat bread – that tastes like pancake!
  • Peanut Hoisin sauce, Wasabi, Flat Top sauce and Low-Fat Asian Sesame

It was delicious! For an extra $1 you can go unlimited and trust me, there’s plenty more combinations to try out.

Last night, though, Megan and I had a networking event to get to. Mark Ragan, the CEO behind PR Daily and Ragan Communications put on a casual networking mixer for young communication professionals. The event was held at a comedy club called The Playground Theatre and we had the opportunity to drink, mingle and watch an improv comedy show. The theme was “Annoying Business Jargon” and the improv actors did a great job coming up with scenarios around phrases we suggested like “Are we on the same page?”, “Convergency”, “Down the pike line”, “Dynamic fusion of innovation”, etc. They were hilarious, and I was so impressed with their ability to just come up with situations on the spot! How do they do it?!

After the show and a few cups of wine, Megan and I were feeling less timid and started working the crowd. It was so fun to meet other young people in the communication field. One of my favorite moments came while I was talking to a recruiter and he told me, “Every person has a story to tell.” I obviously rigorously agreed  because THAT’S MY MOTTO! I’ve never been to a networking event – and besides toasting with Mark and chugging with some new contacts – I felt oh so professional Smile

With some biz cards in our pockets, Megan and I departed to my friend Randi’s apartment nearby. Megan was my roommate in the sorority house in college; and I met Randi in high school on a summer teen tour and have never lived in the same city as her until this September. Both have been my “partners in crime” at different stages of my life and I’m glad I combined my two worlds because we always have fun when we go out together!


We ventured to a local Lincoln Park bar for a while and it definitely felt like college all over again. Especially since the bar was offering a deal for 50 cent beers! Oh yes.

In anticipation of an early wake up call, we went back to Randi’s apartment to get some solid hours of Zz’s. But not before Fafties made a return in the form of fistfulls of fish!


Swedish fish, gold fish and cashews.

The combination was totally delicious but the sweet + salty tastes may have contributed to the poofy feeling I’m hosting today :\

Good thing these bad boys were waiting for me at home. Mmm more sugar in my life 🙂 –  recipes and reviews to come! For now, time to nurse a cold and catch up with my buddies, Jersey Shore.

Recipes galore

Have you ever been to a networking event? Any tips for my next time?

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