SnOMG, Don’t Wear Slippers In The Snow.

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, we never had a snow day!

Unfortunately, my high school had over 4,000 students and a strict time schedule so they did not let any moment go to waste. As a city we’ve always been more known for our frigid temperatures than our snow pile up, anyway.


Today though, was a different story! The legendary Snowcoloypse/ SnowtoriousBIG/ Snowmeggedon dropped over 18 inches on our pretty city and work was cancelled!

To celebrate the occasion I added drops of ROY chocolate liquor to my banana-apple-oatmeal.


Highly recommended.

As I enjoyed my first real snow day in the area – we had 2 snow days my freshmen year of college – I decided today was the day to finally start a blog!

It involved a lot of picture taking…


and editing.


But unsatisfied after my first round of pics, I scuttled back outside intent on being America’s Top Blogger. This meant rushing outside in my yoga pants and slippers.


All was going well until


I took a little tumble.

Yep. This is me standing outside with one barefoot taking pictures.

Ohhh I think me and blogging are gonna get along just fine Smile


How many inches of snow did your city get today? Have you ever had a Snow Day?

One thought on “SnOMG, Don’t Wear Slippers In The Snow.

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